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About Eve Foster

Eve Foster, Principal Solicitor of Foster Legal Lawyers

I am the Principal Solicitor of Foster Legal Lawyers, a law firm I created in 2017, born out of a desire to create a flexible working environment and in turn provide flexible legal services to my clients. I have extensive experience in the areas of Conveyancing and Property law, Commercial leasing and Commercial and Business law, Estate Planning and Estate Administration and some Building and Construction law. I have a background in Consumer and Competition law and policy, having previously worked for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and Consumer Affairs Victoria before I moved from the city to the country and in to private practice.

Working in small law firms in a regional town has taught me how to think on my feet and opened my eyes to the wide range or problems clients can present with. Lawyers aren’t as easily accessible in rural and regional locations as they in the city so the variety of work is a lot higher. I love that in one day my clients include business owners, farmers, families, and developers to name a few. My passion is to ensure that legal services are accessible and understandable, no matter your profession, background or legal needs.

As a parent myself, I understand the pressures of trying to fit everything in to business hours or attend legal appointments in an office, and I aim to provide a service to my clients which allows for flexibility and remote access. With technological advancement and a 24-hour business environment evolving I believe it is crucial to provide legal services that work within these parameters. Even though I am based in Mansfield, in North East regional Victoria, I am very comfortable working with by email, phone or video conference to provide legal advice and help you to resolve your issues or achieve your goals.

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